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Exclusive Golden Handshake

Our Exclusive Golden Handshake ranges between £500 – £1,500*

What better way to celebrate starting your new job than with a golden handshake from your Recruiter?


Read below to see how you can redeem between £500 to £1,500* by giving us the opportunity to represent you exclusively in your next job search.

Why we ask for exclusivity?

Most of the placements we make are done on an exclusive basis, which means that quality and ethics are at the core of our delivery.

When you register with a recruitment agency you are requesting a service; if you are seeking a career move you will expect us to support you in the most professional manner.

In order for us to meet your high expectations we need to work with you ‘exclusively’ and this is why…….

  • we can control the recruitment process on your behalf and streamline communication. You still have a day job and won’t have time to chase applications, organise interviews etc.
  • You make us look good! Our clients know we only work with the best, so when we work with you exclusively, and our clients know that each application they receive from us is unique, and not a duplicate, they pay more attention to our candidates (to you) and to us, and get the quality of service they expect from a recruitment agency.
  • If companies receive your CV more than once this can scream desperation. Its much better to have a tailored bespoke approach to this.
  • we will naturally work harder for you in your pursuit of a new job or career, given that you are relying on us solely to do this for you, and this approach guarantees us, and you, results!
  • It’s easier to tell one person in greater detail your needs, career aspirations and goals rather than having the same, less detailed conversation with three or four people.
  • Why do I have to wait until I pass my probation to get the golden handshake? We back ourselves with clients and candidates, which means we don’t get paid until the right person is in the right job, period. That’s why in most cases we offer our clients 3 months’ rebate if the placement does not work out for any reason. We believe we are experts at matching you to the right company, where you will enjoy a long-term career. So, in short, we work for you and for our clients for free, until everyone is sure and happy with the results. Win-win for all.

We never ask for more than 3 weeks of exclusivity and in most cases are able to complete the search within a week to ten days. So if at the end of the search we don’t manage to find you the ideal job, you are free to use other agents. We will agree an exclusivity timeframe with you to suit your level of urgency, before we start.

We are well established within the markets that we recruit having been delivering this service for fifteen years. Our aim is to continue to build sustainable business relationships which will also help you with increased professional networking and referrals / recommendations.

The small print *

This offer is not open to everyone. We select and sign an agreement with a select number of candidates that we can work with exclusively each month. If we spread ourselves too thinly, we won’t have the capacity or time to deliver results.

The exact fee amount (which will be between £500 – £1500) will depend upon your experience level. As a rough guideline postgraduate with 2-4 years (£500)- 4-6 years (£1000) 6 years plus (£1500), but we will confirm and agree an exact amount with you before starting the search.

Our golden handshake agreement must be signed by both parties in advance. We will not offer this fee to candidates we source or approach for specific position. The initial approach needs to be made by the jobseeker to our agency.

For this scheme we also accept jobseekers who are already on our database, who we have not spoken to for over a year.

We must be the first and only agency you approach.

Your CV must not be on any job sites (which will be accessible by other agencies and employers).

You must be a new job seeker (have not applied to any jobs in the past year)

We reserve the right to decline applications for this scheme for any reason.

To find out more or sign up to this scheme, please call us on 02039506222 or email us info (a)